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Year of the Rabbit Preview: Web3 | DigFin Salon

The big questions for Web3 in the Year of the Rabbit, discussed with BIS, Fidelity and OKX.



Nolens, DiBiasio, Ho, Froelich

DigFin Salon brings highlights from our discussion on the outlook for blockchain-based finance in Asia in the new Year of the Rabbit.

Featuring Benedicte Nolens of B.I.S., Luc Froehlic of Fidelity International, and Patricia Ho of OKX Group, in a discussion led by Jame DiBiasio of DigFin.

Event hosted by King & Wood Mallesons in Hong Kong.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Year of the Rabbit Preview
  • 0:13 – Do central banks wish to pursue CBDCs?
  • 2:16 – Can Web3 do better than TradFi at AML/KYC?
  • 4:10 – Do FIs need CBDCs to make asset tokenization work?
  • 6:46 – Do FIs face demand for crypto services after last year’s crash?
  • 9:09 – Can DeFi really challenge FI intermediaries?
  • 10:45 – Auditing DeFi protocols
  • 11:14 – Privacy and accessing on-chain information

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  • Year of the Rabbit Preview: Web3 | DigFin Salon