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About DigFin

DigFin is a journalism brand and a content agency. Our stories analyze business models in digital finance, fintech, and digital assets. We leverage that expertise to generate high-quality, bespoke content for our clients.

The best way to stay on top of fintech developments is to register for the DigFin newsletter. Our content is free. It is organized around “use cases” in financial services rather than specific technologies.

If you are new to fintech, or if you’re a finance pro who needs to brush up on some of the techy developments, try our Glossary section.

A small portion of our content is commercially driven (categorized as “Company News”), but it always meets our standards of high quality and relevance for our audience.

Our audience

Our audience includes senior executives in financial services and technology – from startups to Big Tech – as well as service professionals and investors. Our biggest geographies are Hong Kong and Singapore, but our readers are located in all the world’s major financial centers.

Our client services

DigFin offers a range of content and sponsorship opportunities. Our work includes:

  • scripting and presenting in videos
  • writing articles and white papers
  • organizing and moderating webinars or live events (in accordance with government recommendations regarding COVID-19)
  • hosting and promoting third-party content

Our clients include:

All of our activities are designed with clients to meet your marketing and business-development needs.

To request a media kit or learn more about how DigFin can help, please email our commercial director, Maralyn Ho, at

About the founder

Jame DiBiasio is an award-winning financial journalist and author based in Hong Kong. He launched DigFin in March 2017 and is its editor.

Jame has worked as a financial journalist in Asia since 1997. He is founding editor of AsianInvestor magazine (2000), and served as editorial director at Haymarket Financial Media (2013-2016), where his responsibilities included digital strategy.

He was the first-ever journalist in Asia to be granted the “Outstanding Contribution to Institutional Journalism” by the State Street Institutional Press Awards. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jame is also author of “Cowries to Crypto: The History of Money, Currency and Wealth (OANDA, 2020), and co-author (with Charles D’Haussy) of “Block Kong”, profiling Hong Kong’s leading blockchain entrepreneurs.

DigFin‘s mailing address is Unit 301, Mirror Tower, 61 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui, East Kowloon, Hong Kong. DigFin is the brand name of Digital Finance Media Limited, a Hong Kong-registered business.

DigFin is proud to be a founding member of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.

Jame previously served as co-chair of its WealthTech Committee and currently leads a working group on fintech for ESG.

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