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Transaction Innovation Awards

Calling all solutions providers in
transaction finance!

DigFin and Transaction Innovation Forum (TIF) present the TIF DigFin Awards for Transaction Innovation. The awards recognize innovative and value-adding solutions in the B2B transaction space at the inaugural TIF 2020 Forum in May 2020, to be held in Tokyo. (Click here to visit the TIF 2020 Forum website.)

If you have an outstanding technology solution in one of these categories, we welcome you to apply and participate for a chance to be win this prestigious recognition. An independent panel of expert judges will select the winners.

Companies are encouraged to apply in one of three categories for Excellence in Innovation:

Most impactful innovation for Digital Treasury

This award goes to companies using technology to digitize and revolutionize corporate treasuries. Examples of relevant fields include:

  • Solutions for working capital
  • Cash forecasting
  • Fraud detection
  • KYC
  • Tokenization
  • SME solutions
  • Foreign exchange

Most impactful innovation for Corporate Banking

This award goes to companies using technology to digitize and revolutionize corporate banking. Examples of relevant fields include:

  • Solutions for digital identity and KYC
  • Trade finance
  • Supply-chain finance
  • Risk management
  • Reporting

Most impactful innovation in Payments

This award goes to companies using technology to digitize and revolutionize payments. Examples of relevant fields include:

  • Solutions for online payments and processing
  • Billings/invoices/acceptances
  • Faster payments systems
  • Correspondent banking
  • Remittances
  • Cross-border payments

How it works

For each category we invite new initiatives from around the world to enroll through our ‘apply’ button. We will require a brief description of your specific solutions, the status, implementation details, and success factors.

Applications are welcome until March 15, 2020. For each of the three categories, our judges will shortlist their favorite candidates (up to five per category), whom we will announce. Each company wins one free ticket to the TIF in Tokyo and access to our pre-conference awards dinner. There we will announce the finalist and the runner-up in each category, with each of those six winners invited to make a presentation during the formal conference.

Eligibility: we welcome applications from technology/fintech companies worldwide. Banks and corporations are encouraged to co-nominate third-party technology partner companies. Purely internal bank initiatives for corporate clients are not eligible.

What we ask for: You must argue why your solution is both innovative in the 2019/2020 climate and adds new value to your clients. Our application button leads you to a form that requests a short written argument.

How we treat this information: The application form itself should be considered public, but you may notify us in your argument that you have additional, relevant information that must remain private, and it will be up to the jury to decide whether to request those details. DigFin can sign a non-disclosure agreement to cover additional information.

Special Personal Excellence Award: Most Innovative Treasurer 2020

In addition to the above categories, DigFin and TIF will recognize the Most Innovative Treasurer. He or she will have done an outstanding job by initiating and implementing new technologies and improving efficiency of their cash and treasury operations. This award is for an individual. We are calling for nominations from third parties via our electronic form. Our jury will select the 2020 winner.

About the Awards:

The application is free, and if your company is selected as a nominee, your company will receive:

  • A feature on the TIF website and conference program, in front of your peers
  • Social media promotion to the TIF and DigFin networks

If you emerge as the jury vote winner, you will receive:

  • Recognition and a TIF-DigFin Award at the TIF Forum (attended by 200+ delegates)
  • Opportunity to speak/pitch (10 minutes) at TIF’s Tokyo conference
  • Interview opportunity with DigFin (for finalists only)
  • One complimentary pass to TIF 2021

Awards open for submissions SOON. (But you can sneak a peak.)

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Our 2020 Jury Experts Panel

The TIF-DigFin Awards Jury will consist of key independent and objective experts in the field, including:

Takeshi Kito
Vice chairman, Japan Fintech Asssociation

Dimitrios Salampasis
Master of Financial Technologies at Swinburne University, Melbourne

Liz Oakes
Executive vice president, market development of new payment platforms, Mastercard, London

Michael Salmony
Executive advisor to the board, Equens Wordline SE, Frankfurt

John Ryan
Director-general, Emerging Payments Association Asia, Sydney

Michael Moon
MD, Payments, Trade & Communications, Asia Pacific, SWIFT, Singapore

Jame DiBiasio (jury chair)
Editor, DigFin, Hong Kong

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