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Gini pivots | Victor Lang & Ray Wyand | VOX Ep. 61

Gini’s co-founders discuss how they changed business models in the quest for greater revenues.



Vic Lang & Ray Wyand, gini

Fintechs often need to change business strategy to survive. Co-founders Victor Lang and Ray Wyand discuss how they realized their earlier versions of their fintech, Gini, was not working – and how they eventually found a product that could scale.

Wyand and Lang tell Jame DiBiasio the issues they have faced in both B2C and B2B markets, the challenges of going market by market, and what kind of revenues a VC-backed startup has to aim for.

They also share how they have worked with their investors, the solution they have found, and new challenges around going global from a base in Hong Kong.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Victor Lang and Ray Wyand, gini
  • 1:07 – From open banking in B2C to the “death zone”
  • 3:15 – The hard path of B2B and trying to shorten sales cycles
  • 5:14 – Can startups control their own destiny?
  • 7:01 – Finding a path to revenues and scale
  • 8:08 – Being ready to sell globally as a fintech
  • 9:49 – Selling data insights to the VC industry
  • 14:49 – When to ask investors for help, and what to ask for
  • 18:23 – How to defend your idea against the competition
  • 21:04 – Gini’s journey to eventual big-time revenues
  • 23:30 – The challenges of going global

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  • Gini pivots | Victor Lang & Ray Wyand | VOX Ep. 61