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RegTech in 2024 | Artius & Know Your Customer, VOX 73

Jacqueline Pang of Artius and Claus Christensen of Know Your Customer talk regtech developments for 2024.



Jacquline Pang and Claus Christensen

Two co-founders of regtech companies discuss upcoming trends in regulatory technology for financial institutions – which on the one hand is an evergreen need, but on the other remains a challenge for fintechs trying to become established partners to banks, insurers and asset managers.

DigFin‘s Jame DiBiasio is joined by Jacqueline Pang, co-founder of Singapore-based Artius Global, and by Claus Christensen, co-founder of Know Your Customer, based in Hong Kong and Dublin. Artius helps institutions automate disclosures and other reporting, while Know Your Customer helps with customer identity and onboarding.

Pang and Christensen provide an overview of how banks use their technology and their services, how to become a trusted player, what ares of finance face the greatest demand for regtech solutions, and their funding and long-term business goals.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Jacqueline Pang and Claus Christensen
  • 2:00 – Introducing Artius Global and Know Your Customer, RegTech overview
  • 5:20 – Changing needs versus evergreen demand among financial institutions
  • 9:57 – How startups work with big institutions, breaking into the top tier
  • 15:01 – Digitization, Covid’s impact, and tech agendas among financial institutions
  • 17:30 – Fintech business models and finding growth
  • 20:46 – The impact of generative AI
  • 26:48 – RegTech developments in 2024
  • 32:02 – Funding and exits

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  • RegTech in 2024 | Artius & Know Your Customer, VOX 73