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Addressing challenges with ESG data

ESG experts from asset managers and asset owners discuss the challenges with data for sustainable investing.



DigFin and State Street organized a webinar with leading buy-side experts in Asia to discuss how they are using data for sustainable investing and ESG mandates.

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  • Speakers:
  • Marion O’Donnell, Fidelity International
  • Hardik Shah, GMO
  • Liza Jansen, Prudential Corporation Asia
  • Konstantina Founta, State Street
  • Jame DiBiasio, DigFin (moderator)
  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Welcome and introduction to ESG data for buy sides
  • 2:01 – Changing availability of ESG data in Asia
  • 3:42 – Are regulatory disclosure requirements in line with available data?
  • 5:20 – APAC versus EU from an asset owner’s perspective
  • 6:55 – How data is used to accommodate differences among APAC markets
  • 10:05 – How different is treating ESG data versus other investment data?
  • 11:38 – How to determine when data is material
  • 13:10 – Using data to tell consistent stories about sustainable investing
  • 15:20 – Is there too much ESG data being disclosed?
  • 18:10 – Are regulators asking companies to disclose the right kind of information?
  • 19:20 – Can asset owners simply tell companies to adhere to international disclosure standards?
  • 21:45 – Human analysis and engagement versus AI and data-driven decisions
  • 24:45 – How to value and price a data vendor
  • 26:55 – Helping asset managers source from and evaluate vendors
  • 30:00 – Does bespoke client reporting fit with global standards?
  • 33:10 – Integrating ESG data throughout buy-side operations
  • 35:20 – Managing disclosure bias among companies eager to score well
  • 41:02 – Will regulation “clean up the ESG vendor zoo”?
  • 44:35 – Does too much disclosure mandates obscure greenwashing?
  • 47:42 – What best practices should the industry suggest to Asian regulators?
  • 49:50 – Comparing value and costs between traditional financial ratings and AI-driven ratings
  • 54:44 – How to engage with Asian regulators on ESG
  • 56:30 – How asset managers should think about budgeting for ESG

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Addressing challenges with ESG data