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Tokenization | Alice Chen & Julian Kwan | VOX Ep. 55

InvestaX co-founders Chen and Kwan discuss the evolution of tokenization and what the industry still requires.



Alice Chen and Julian Kwan are co-founders of InvestaX, a Singapore-based fintech focused on digital-asset tokenization.

Chen and Kwan discuss the evolution of tokenization, as a concept and a real-world activity, and how that is different from crypto markets. They discuss the future of financial intermediaries and the role of smart contracts.

They also talk about Asia’s return to the spotlight in wake of regulatory battles over crypto in the US, and what should happen next to help tokenization become a mainstream reality.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Julian Kwan and Alice Chen
  • 1:45 – Founding InvestaX and bridging TradFi and DeFi
  • 4:15 – Selecting a domicile for a tokenization startup
  • 7:53 – What is tokenization?
  • 9:03 – Tokenized assets versus derivatives
  • 11:33 – A brief history of tokenization
  • 16:37 – Eliminating intermediaries in the post-FTX world
  • 20:24 – Are smart contracts “ready for prime time?”
  • 23:32 – Opportunities in Asia Pacific
  • 27:09 – Importance of CBDCs and stablecoins
  • 29:56 – Working together

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  • Tokenization | Alice Chen & Julian Kwan | VOX Ep. 55