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Mox opens its services to selected external customers

The new virtual bank outlines its features for a select group of early adopters.



Mox Bank, one of Hong Kong’s newly licensed virtual banks, is now available on an invitation basis to selected external customers, following its brand launch in March. The aim of this external pilot is to gather feedback from customers and prepare Mox for a launch to the broader public later this year.

Deniz Güven, CEO of Mox, said: “This external pilot is a critical step for selected external customers to use Mox, share their feedback with us and help us to refine our services.”

The bank touts a number of features for its early adopters. The bank is promising:

  • Account opening: Open your new account in minutes; no paperwork, no waiting; get your bank account and digital Mox Card instantly; no minimum balance requirements, and opening an account is completely free.
  • Savings: Set up goals, name them as you like and track your progress in real time; use the savings calculator and other tools to automate saving; create a goal account to build towards a target with insights and information.
  • Grow your money with no lock-in period; name your own account; lock and unlock your Mox Card; decide how your account, card and customer service work. 

The bank is also promising:

“Ensuring your security with Asia’s first all-in-one numberless bank card: Together with Mastercard, we are launching the next generation digital-first card – one card for all purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. Mox, with the technology behind it, is the first bank in Asia to launch an all-in-one numberless bank card. The physical Mox Card is completely numberless, reducing your risk of losing personal information.

“Get your card, tap to your phone, done: For your physical all-in-one bank card, we are bringing another market first with one tap activation via NFC technology. No more call centres.

“Your banking made easy: You can start banking immediately once your Mox account is open. Monitor real-time account activity and balance with instant categorisation of your transactions. Enjoy ATM services at over 3,000 Jetco ATMs in Hong Kong for free, and all ATMs globally that accept Mastercard cards.

“Your security and privacy: The account-opening process includes best-in-class identity verification and fraud prevention techniques. Mox uses multi-level security procedures, including tools and techniques for encryption, identity verification and fraud prevention, in order to protect your account, transactions and personal information.”

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