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Women leaders in fintech

Photos: DigFin Women Leaders

Full house at DigFin’s networking event for women leaders, students and young professionals.



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DigFin hosted an event on Monday, December 3 on the back of our October series featuring 25 women leaders in Hong Kong fintech. The idea was to leverage our list to create a learning and networking opportunity for young people. Too many qualified young women drop out of science, tech or finance jobs too early, perpetuating a stark gender imbalance in the industry. We wanted to highlight success stories for students and young professionals.

We organized an evening at Eaton House to bring together some of our women leaders, students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many younger and mid-career professionals contemplating a move into fintech. There were a few older souls as well. Fintech is open to everyone! (Click on individual photos to enlarge.)

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  • Photos: DigFin Women Leaders