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Great transitions | Emmanuel Daniel | VOX 56

Emmanuel Daniel discusses his book, “The Great Transition”, and how personalization will change finance.



Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel is author of “The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance is Here”.

He discusses the themes of his book (reviewed here) detailing how technology renders financial intermediaries unprofitable, and the need for both banks and fintechs to reassess what value they deliver to customers.

“ED” is founder of The Asian Banker, a Singapore-based business magazine for consumer and corporate banks. He has been delivering forward-looking speeches at his events for years and has now encapsulated his thinking into “The Great Transition”.

He speaks with Jame DiBiasio about why personalization and data are finally dragging financial services into the Information Age and what that means for products, starting with the most basic of all, the bank deposit account.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Emmanuel Daniel and writing his book
  • 2:05 – How the Information Age is empowering individuals
  • 4:43 – Personalization and its data, and how fintechs become disrupted themselves
  • 9:52 – Innovating financial products and the financialization of just about everything
  • 14:14 – Disintermediating bank deposit accounts away from banks
  • 19:27 – Turning digital wallets into tokens and the utilization of deposits
  • 22:41 – The corruption of B2B fintech
  • 25:18 – The speed and direction of change, problems platforms, and reimagining value propositions
  • 28:10 – M&A, marketing, and creating an enduring business in financial services

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  • Great transitions | Emmanuel Daniel | VOX 56