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Crisis mode | Brad Jones, Wave Money | VOX Ep 21

Brad Jones, CEO of Wave Money, talks about surviving a coup, power outages, and shareholder turmoil.



Brad Jones, Wave Money

Brad Jones is CEO of Wave Money, a digital payments fintech in Myanmar. In the past year the business has had to weather a military coup, telco outages, deadly Covid, and shareholder changes.

Brad speaks with Jame DiBiasio about managing multiple crises and returning to a path of growth. He discusses the hardest decisions to be made, dealing with the collapse of an investment by Ant Group, and what he’d wished he’d paid more attention to as a founder.

He also discusses the role that digital payments now play in Myanmar and the vision for the business as conditions begin to stabilize.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Brad Jones, Wave Money
  • 1:29 – Multiple shocks to the business
  • 2:50 – Crisis decision making
  • 6:06 – Keys to survival
  • 7:33 – Staying committed
  • 8:43 – Returning to business as usual
  • 9:54 – Ant Group transaction hit
  • 12:36 – Shareholder Telenor exits
  • 14:14 – Ambitions for the tech stack
  • 16:35 – Building in resilience, InfoSec
  • 18:22 – Digitizing Myanmar
  • 19:42 – Marketing and branding

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  • Crisis mode | Brad Jones, Wave Money | VOX Ep 21