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Imagining blockchain in fixed income

AMTD’s William Fung and FinEX founder Maggie Ng share visions for blockchain in fixed-income markets.



In this video, DigFin‘s Jame DiBiasio speaks on stage with William Fung, managing director of the CIO office at AMTD, and Maggie Ng, founder of FinEX Asia, about how blockchain could transform fixed-income markets. The discussion took place at AMTD’s stage at the Singapore Fintech Festival in November, 2017. In this five-minute video:

Ng discusses the prospect for blockchain to distribute credit through supply-chain finance.

Fung imagines how a bond book-build would work via decentralized ledgers.

Ng expresses her ambitions for adding bonds to FinEX Asia’s consumer loan platform.

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Imagining blockchain in fixed income