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Digitizing trade | Jesse Chenard, MonetaGo | VOX 41

MonetaGo founder Jesse Chenard says the company has pivoted beyond blockchain for trade-fin.



Jesse Chenard, MonetaGo

Jesse Chenard is founder of MonetaGo, a Singapore-based fintech specializing in digitizing trade and detecting fraud.

Chenard discusses his career with Jame DiBiasio, beginning with his entrepreneurial history in video advertizing and his eventual move into fintech.

He talks about the startup’s various pivots, including starting as a blockchain solution but evolving more to a cloud-based software provider for financial services.

Chenard also touches on the business’s early days in India, its partnership with SWIFT, and its new onboarding with global banks.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Jesse Chenard, MonetaGo
  • 0:59 – Early tech career, inventing video ad tech, mentoring startups, dabbling in crypto
  • 4:06 – Exploring trade finance, early setbacks for crypto business, landing in India
  • 8:26 – Relations with RBI, developing fraud-detection, partnering with SWIFT in India
  • 11:38– Pitching banks, expanding their trade finance books
  • 12:59 – Expanding cross-border, fragmented trade registries, pricing models, APIs
  • 14:29 – First fintech API partner with SWIFT global, problems scaling with blockchain, moving to Google secure computing, remaining elements of DLT
  • 18:00 – Use cases for blockchain in supply-chain finance
  • 20:28 – Is there a future for DLT consortiums?
  • 22:10 – Ethereum and other public blockchains
  • 23:44 – Next for MonetaGo, new data uses, assembling bank networks
  • 26:39 – Fund raising in 2022
  • 29:22 – Banks using data to detect trade-finance fraud, future of the industry
  • 33:42 – What’s next

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  • Digitizing trade | Jesse Chenard, MonetaGo | VOX 41