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Finance’s Tokenized Future

Highlights from our discussion on prospects for tokenizing securities with Fusang, BNY Mellon, Fidelity.



DigFin hosted a webinar on March 23 on tokenizing securities and how this trend fits into the rise of blockchain-based finance.

We present highlights from the discussion, which lasted for 60 minutes and generated many questions from our audience about crypto, NFTs, digital assets, and value-added business models.

  • Speakers:
  • Henry Chong, CEO, Fusang
  • Johnny Wijaya, head of innovation APAC, BNY Mellon
  • Emmanuelle Pecenicic, head of digital strategy, Fidelity International
  • Jame DiBiasio, DigFin (moderator)
  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00 – Welcome
  • 0:05 – Introducing tokenization (Jame DiBiasio)
  • 1:48 – Tokenizing securities versus crypto and NFTs (Henry Chong)
  • 4:18 – What banks are building (Johnny Wijaya)
  • 7:00 – Benefits of blockchain finance for asset managers (Emma Pecenicic)
  • 10:25 – Importance of CBDCs, stablecoins (Henry Chong)

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