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Block Kong: Charles D’Haussy, DigFin VOX Ep 5

Charles D’Haussy talks about writing “Block Kong”, what’s happening with stablecoins, and DeFi’s future.



Charles D'Haussy, "Block Kong"

Charles D’Haussy is co-author of Block Kong, profiling 21 blockchain entrepreneurs making Hong Kong one of the world’s hotspots for digital finance. (DigFin‘s Jame DiBiasio is his co-author.)

D’Haussy is also Asia-Pacific managing director at ConsenSys. Previously he served as fintech lead at InvestHK, the Hong Kong government’s agency for attracting business to the city.

He speaks with DigFin about why he wrote Block Kong and how it came to be, why Hong Kong has emerged as a blockchain capital, and the outlook for stablecoins, central-bank digital currencies, and DeFi for financial institutions.

Buy the book for Kindle (also available at Bookazine shops).

  • Show notes:
  • 0:00 – Charles D’Haussy, co-author of “Block Kong”
  • 1:40 – Why write “Block Kong”?
  • 3:50 – What’s special about blockchain in Hong Kong
  • 5:50 – Crypto is more than just finance and speculation
  • 7:35 – What ConsenSys is doing in Asia
  • 9:05 – Mainstreaming blockchain finance
  • 11:40 – CBDCs and Hong Kong
  • 13:05 – Do we need CBDCs?
  • 14:25 – Challenge of implementing CBDC cross-border projects
  • 16:00 – Enterprise blockchain in 2021 (hint: stablecoins)
  • 17:45 – “Institutional DeFi”
  • 19:25 – Charles’s next creative project

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