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A.I. in Asset Management: Join our buy-side COO talk

Join us for this in-depth discussion with leading buy-side COOs on A.I. and other opportunities.



Join The Hong Kong Investment Funds Association, SmartStream and DigFin on Wednesday, March 31, at 2.30 to discuss the changing role of the buy-side COO.

Chief operating officers at asset managers continue to implement strategies involving artificial intelligence and other next-gen technologies.

Our speakers include:

  • Rob Scott, COO, Sentier Investments (Sydney)
  • David Ng, COO, CSOP Asset Management (Hong Kong)
  • Annie Lai, COO, Hel Ved Capital (Hong Kong)
  • Vincent Kincoyle, SmartStream Technologies (U.K.)
  • Moderator: Jame DiBiasio, DigFin

We’ll be discussing the changing nature of the COO job in Asia and the opportunities helping them lead buy-side firms, including:

  • How A.I. is transforming the last bastions of difficult manual work, eg corporate actions and reconciliations, and what this means for productivity and adaptability in banks’ and buy side operations
  • Understanding the priority for COOs now: post-trade processing, payments, outsourcing, liquidity management, costs? How are COOs evaluating their priorities?
  • How are COOs adapting to meet these needs – changes in their role, in managing and retaining teams, the skills required, how they interface with third parties.

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  • A.I. in Asset Management: Join our buy-side COO talk