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AMTD DigFin Innovation Awards 2022 categories


Companies Awards

  • Most innovative asset manager
  • Most innovative wealth manager
  • Most innovative asset services provider
  • Wealthtech company of the year

Solutions Awards

  • Best regtech solution for asset managers
  • Best data solution for asset managers
  • Best digital advisory solution
  • Best digtal-assets investment solution
  • Best digital-assets services solution
  • Best fintech ESG solution
  • Best solution for buy-side operations
  • Best solution for portfolio management


Companies Awards

  • Most innovative insurance company
  • Best service provider to insurers
  • Insurtech of the Year

Solutions Awards

  • Best solution for life insurance (including investment-linked)
  • Best solution for health insurance
  • Best solution for general insurance
  • Best solution for distribution (agency, broker, bancassurance, direct)


Companies Awards

  • Most innovative exchange/venue
  • Most innovative broker
  • Most innovative buy Side
  • Capital Markets Fintech of the Year

Solutions Awards

  • Best solution for securities trading
  • Best post-trade solution
  • Best ESG markets solution
  • Best solution for digital assets trading
  • Best solution for corporate issuers
  • Best solution for investor relations
  • Best private-markets solution


Companies Awards

  • Most innovative consumer bank
  • Most innovative corporate bank
  • Payments Processor of the Year
  • Fintech of the Year

Solutions Awards

  • Best solution for consumers
  • Best solution for SMEs
  • Best core banking solution
  • Best lending solution
  • Best payments solution
  • Best solution in trade finance
  • Best solution in supply-chain finance
  • Best solution in cash management
  • Best compliance/reporting solution

Judges from 2021

  • Syed Musheer Ahmed, FinStep Asia
  • Daniel Bertoli, Quona Capital
  • Chia Hock Lai, Singapore Blockchain Association
  • Andrew King, Suite2Go
  • Takashi Kito, Fintech Association of Japan
  • Lucy Gazmararian, Token Bay Capital
  • Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures
  • Christiaan Kaptein, Integra Partners
  • Veronique Lafon-Vinais, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Helene Li, Fintech Association of Hong Kong
  • David Lee Kuo Chuen, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Cathryn Lyall, Space Seed Venture Capital
  • Hansi Mehrotra, Indian Money Management
  • Mark Munoz, Vectr Fintech Partners
  • John Ryan, Emerging Payments Association Asia
  • Ron Savino, AFG Partners
  • Emma Smith, Sandpiper Communications
  • Daniel Tu, Active Creation Capital
  • Sangeeta Venkatesan, FairVine Super
  • Padraig Walsh, Tanner de Witt
  • Nina Xiang, China Money Network
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