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Do you need help with content: ideas, creation, distribution? DigFin can be your partner.

Financial institutions, technology companies and service providers all need to engage with their clients. “Client” can be a paying customer, or a counterparty, or your stakeholders.

But every business is using digital engagement for two things: to win new clients, and retain existing ones.

But engagement requires content. In the professional, B2B world, content must be relevant and credible. It has to understand your client’s needs. For most firms operating in Asia – whether your clients are local, or if you’re a local company looking to engage globally – there are few places to go for content producers who:

  • know finance
  • know fintech
  • know Asia

Except here. DigFin has the expertise – the content trifecta. How? Well, we’ve probably interviewed your clients!

We can assist you with articles, white papers, videos, audio, and events. Ideally in some combination, designed to help you meet your goals, be they lead generation, brand awareness, or stakeholder management.

Any client-driven content appears on our website under the category “Company News”.

Real examples of what DigFin can deliver:

  • scripting and presenting in videos;
  • writing articles and white papers;
  • using content to drive calls to action such as a webcast or meetup;
  • organizing targeted events;
  • present or help out on stage.

Depending on the project, we charge by the word (for pure text) or by the hour. Our work is white-labelled for you. If it’s relevant, we can also distribute your content to our growing audience of fintech B2B professionals, or otherwise lend our brand to your project. The majority of our readers are in Hong Kong and Singapore.

To find out more, contact Jame at, or send a direct message to him on LinkedIn.

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