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The award goes to…

Capital Markets

Solutions awards:

  • Best solution for trading – SAXO BANK
  • Best post-trade solution – BROADRIDGE
  • Best ESG fintech solution – MENIGA
  • Most innovative DeFi solution – SCB10X
  • Best solution for securities tokens – DLA PIPER
  • Best solution for digital assets trading – Q9 CAPITAL

Company awards:

  • Most innovative exchange/venue – SYDNEY STOCK EXCHANGE
  • Capital-markets fintech of the year – OSL

Banking & Payments

Solutions awards:

  • Best solution for consumers – WISE
  • Best solution for small enterprises – AIRWALLEX and VISA
  • Best core banking solution – MAMBU
  • Best lending solution – VALIDUS
  • Best solution in payments – NIUM
  • Best solution in trade finance – MONETAGO
  • Best solution in cash management – STANDARD CHARTERED
  • Best solution in supply-chain finance – FQX
  • Best regtech solution – TOOKITAKI

Company awards:

  • Most innovative consumer bank – AMAR BANK
  • Most innovative corporate bank – HSBC
  • Payments processor of the year – ACQRA
  • Fintech of the year – NIUM

Our partners

Thank you Sandpiper Communications for your support.

Emerging Payments Association Asia and Hong Kong Fintech Association also helped promote the awards.

Contact us

If you’d like to learn more about all of the AMTD DigFin Innovation Awards for 2022, please contact Jame DiBiasio, editor of DigFin, at

Thank you, judges!

  • Syed Musheer Ahmed, FinStep Asia
  • Chia Hock Lai, Singapore Blockchain Association
  • Andrew King, Suite2Go
  • Lucy Gazmararian, Token Bay Capital
  • Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures
  • Christiaan Kaptein, Integra Partners
  • Veronique Lafon-Vinais, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Helene Li, Fintech Association of Hong Kong
  • David Lee Kuo Chuen, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Cathryn Lyall, Space Seed Venture Capital
  • Mark Munoz, Vectr Fintech Partners
  • John Ryan, Emerging Payments Association Asia
  • Ron Savino, AFG Partners
  • Emma Smith, Sandpiper Communications
  • Daniel Tu, Active Creation Capital
  • Padraig Walsh, Tanner de Witt

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