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Announcing: Transaction Innovation Awards

DigFin is looking to select the best fintechs in corporate treasury, banking, and payments.



Are you a technology company with an awesome solution for corporate treasurers, corporate banks, or payments providers?

Are you a bank or payments giant with a terrific fintech partner that you want to promote?

Are you attending the Transaction Innovation Forum in Tokyo this coming May, 2020?

DigFin is teaming up with Transaction Innovation Forum to highlight the best B2B corporate banking and payments fintech. So we want to hear from you, no matter where in the world you are based, if you think you’ve got a compelling solution.

Click here to check out all the details on our website, or click ‘awards’ on our menu.

But a few quick points:

First, there is no fee to participate. This isn’t pay to play. We want truly fantastic fintech stories.

Second, the winners will get to pitch during the Transaction Innovation Forum, and they’ll get some bespoke airtime on DigFin, a service that normally costs a couple thousand $$.

Third, we’re looking at the entire range of possible solutions in this space, from working capital to KYC to supply-chain finance, and everything in between. See the awards page.

Fourth, we’ve got an experienced lineup of judges.

The submission deadline is March, so you’ve got the better part of Q1 to put in your application. We’re asking for a very simple introductory submission, so you don’t need to break your back trying to cobble together lots of slides. In fact, we don’t want slides, just a brief but sharply written essay.

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Announcing: Transaction Innovation Awards