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About DigFin Group


DigFin is Asia’s leading media covering digital finance.



We have a global outlook from a Hong Kong base. DigFin is a boutique. We provide in-depth analysis on business models, covering financial institutions, technology companies, and their interactions. To talk about fintech, you first have to understand the “fin”.

We are fascinated by what fintech implies.

Financial services have always prioritized revenues; digital businesses focus on user experience. We dig into the impact of these two forces. Similarly, our position in Hong Kong affords us a peek into China’s emerging technology giants while keeping us rooted in the region’s preeminent international financial center.

We are self-financed and independent. Our stories are original. We don’t aggregate other people’s content.

We do business with companies, including those we cover, so long as it does not interfere with our mission to bring quality journalism to our audience of financiers, technologists and service providers.


Our Audience

DigFin launched in March, 2017. As of March 2019, we have over 12,000 readers accessing our site per month. Of these, about 30% are from financial institutions, 30% are from technology companies, another 30% are from service providers, and 10% are from other professions.

Roughly 40% of our readership is based in Hong Kong, with another 20% in the U.S., about 20% in Singapore, and the remainder divided among other markets. Our readership is evenly sourced among organic, direct, and search channels. We also have an active reach on LinkedIn and other social media.


Our Team

Jame DiBiasio

Co-founder and editor

Jame has been a financial journalist since 1995. He is the founding editor of AsianInvestor, served as editorial director at Haymarket Financial Media, and is the author of several books. Reach him at jame at


Larissa Ku


Larissa is an experienced business reporter. She has covered treasury and transaction banking at The Corporate Treasurer, and served as senior financial reporter at Ming Pao newspaper. Reach her at larissa at


Melanie Kwan

Head of media sales

Melanie is building a career in digital business development. Her previous sales role was at Eatigo. Reach her at melanie at


James Lindsay

Commercial director

A business mentor for Supercharger, James has served as business development director at Privé Technologies and head of fund research at W.H. Ireland. Reach him at jamesl at


Chris Ryan


Chris has served as Asia-Pacific chief executive at a number of major financial institutions, including MSCI, Fidelity and ING Investments, as well as roles at Citi, HSBC and others. He serves as a non-executive director on the board of AXA Group. Reach him at chris at



DigFin is proud to be a founding member of the Hong Kong Fintech Association.

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