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About DigFin Group

DigFin is the leading media covering digital finance and fintech for an Asia-based audience.

OK, so what does that mean?

We write in-depth articles about who is doing what in digital finance. And we publish these on our website, here.

To get content, we speak with executives in financial services, founders of technology businesses, product specialists at tech vendors, service providers, and with investors.

Articles are so 20th century.

We also have podcasts and we enjoy making short videos, which often run directly on LinkedIn or with partners/clients. Those things are fun to do and we plan to do more, both for ourselves and for clients.

Do you just cover Hong Kong, or Asia, or what?

We have a global outlook from a Hong Kong base. Because Hong Kong is our home, we naturally end up with a lot of content here. Singapore is another key market. But while the “fin” may be local, the “tech” is global, and we will write about what’s happening anywhere – but usually tying it back somehow to Asia, because this is where most of our audience lives and works.

Also, Asia is the driver in so many areas of digital technology (innovation, adoption), that it seems right to be anchored here.

What kind of content do you produce?

Analysis of business models, covering financial institutions, technology companies, and their interactions. To talk about fintech, you first have to understand the “fin”.


We try. If you check out our menu’s categories, you will see we are primarily organized around financial verticals. We’re a finance B2B website but focused on the Information Revolution’s impact on the industry.

Who reads you, exactly?

DigFin launched in March, 2017. As of summer 2019, we have 12,000 to 14,000 readers accessing our site per month. Of these, about 30% are from financial institutions, 30% are from technology companies, another 30% are from service providers, and 10% are from investors.

  • Among financial institutions, we have a lot of C-suite readers, particularly in banking and asset & wealth management, along with insurance, capital markets and infrastructure companies (exchanges, etc). This part of our audience ranges from regional business MDs to COOs, CMOs, data/digital officers, and CTOs.
  • Tech companies can include startups, traditional finance-sector vendors, and Big Tech. They are in blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital and mobile banking, data analytics, cloud, and core banking systems.
  • Service providers include consultants, lawyers, accountants, PR professionals, associations. We also have regulators in there.
  • And then investors: family offices, venture capitalists, hedge funds and others investing in fintech companies or digital assets.

Where are these people?

Roughly 40% of our readership is based in Hong Kong, with another 20% in Singapore, about 20% in the U.S., and the remainder divided among other markets, particularly where English is mainstream.

Our readership is evenly sourced among organic, direct, and search channels. We also have an active reach on LinkedIn and other social media.

What’s the best way to get your stuff?

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Can you be a media partner to my conference or event?

Yes, preferably if there’s a moderator, Q&A or speaking role for Jame.

Will you run my press release?

We accept press releases for a modest fee. If you work for a PR agency, ask us about a partnership.

I’m in the fintech/finance industry and I’ve written an article/essay/piece. Will you run it on DigFin?

Yes. We charge a small fee for third-party submissions.

I handle marketing for my company. Can DigFin help me get my message out?

Absolutely. We work with clients to create content, in text, video and live, in order to reach our audience and yours.

What about freelance content creation or editing, which may not necessarily be for DigFin?

We can help with that too.

Who is the evil mastermind behind DigFin?

DigFin is me, Jame DiBiasio. This guy. I’ve been a financial journalist since 1995. I was the founding editor of AsianInvestor and served as editorial director at Haymarket Financial Media.

I was the first journalist in Asia Pacific to ever be awarded for “Outstanding Contribution to Institutional Journalism” by the State Street Institutional Press Awards.

In my spare time I write books, including non-fiction and crime thrillers (which you can find on Amazon).

Why are you a “Group”?

Long story. To quote Walt Whitman: “I contain multitudes.”

Wasn’t that a commentary on the reader’s involvement in the poet’s movement from the singular to the cosmic?

Um…yeah, sure. Next question.

How do I contact you?

My email is jame at digfingroup dot com.

Our mailing address is 10/f, Unit A, Casey Building, 38 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Anything else I need to know?

DigFin is proud to be a founding member of the Hong Kong Fintech Association.

Jame is a co-chair of its WealthTech Committee.

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