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The Information Revolution is upending financial services and institutions.

  • Are you competitive?
  • Are you being disrupted – or are you doing the disrupting?
  • Is your business model fit for 2020?

DigFin profiles the people, institutions, and companies at the forefront of digital transformation – especially in Asia, where the new rules are being written.

New rules…New markets, new business models, new partnerships.

If you are new to fintech, or if you’re a finance pro who needs to brush up on some of the techy developments, try our Glossary section. These are backgrounders on different topics based on presentations or interviews.

DigFin‘s view is that fintech is still, essentially, about finance. So our content is organized around “use cases”, that is, traditional finance verticals, like insurance or asset management. If you want to look up our work on a particular technology, use our search function.

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Our audience includes senior executives in financial services and technology, as well as leading service providers and investors. Our biggest geographies are Hong Kong and Singapore, but our readers are located in all the world’s major financial centers.

About the founder

Jame DiBiasio is an award-winning financial journalist and author based in Hong Kong. He launched DigFin in March 2017 and is its editor.

He is founding editor of AsianInvestor magazine (2000), and served as editorial director at Haymarket Financial Media (2013-2016). He was the first-ever journalist in Asia to be granted the “Outstanding Contribution to Institutional Journalism” by the State Street Institutional Press Awards.

Jame is also author of COWRIES TO CRYPTO, an upcoming book on the history of money (OANDA, 2020), among other history and thriller titles.

You can reach him via email at, or connect on LinkedIn.

DigFin‘s mailing address is 10/f, Unit A, Casey Building, 38 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

DigFin is proud to be a founding member of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.

Jame serves as co-chair of its WealthTech Committee.

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